30 Hour Day

30 Hour Day

A 30-hour livestreaming telethon. No sleep. All for charity. Again. 30 Hour Day ( is a fundraiser based in Portland, Oregon, but broadcast online to everyone, anywhere in the world. Last Christmas, it raised a ton of toys, food, and money for local charities. It did so with great guests, fun entertainment, and viewer/listener support.

This iPhone app companion to 30 Hour Day acts as a timeclock and information headquarters for this July’s 30 Hour Day as well as future events. Always have the latest news and information with you.

★ Timer ★
See exactly how much time is left until 30 Hour Day kicks off. Once started, see how much time is remaining until Rick and Cami can get some rest.

★ Schedule ★
Have the latest entertainment schedule at your fingertips! The event schedule periodically updates from the internet and is cached locally for instant access in areas with slow or nonexistent network access. (Note that internet access is required for at least the initial schedule retrieval.)

★ Donations ★
See how much has been donated and make your own donations. Use the embedded web browser, open in Safari, or mail yourself the link if you’d rather donate from your desktop computer.

★ Streams ★
The latest news and information about the video and/or audio streams is always available. (Note that internet access is required for at least the initial stream information download.)

★ Twitter ★
Follow along with everything that @30hourday says on Twitter, even if you don’t have your own Twitter account. The integrated Twitter client keeps you up to date with the chitchat.

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