Beta Testing

Beta Testing

Preparing for Beta Testing

If you were selected for beta testing an iPhone application, there are a few preparatory steps that must be taken to ensure that the beta app will run on your iPhone.  The beta application — because it is not distributed through the iTunes store — contains a cryptographic signature that, basically, says “this app can run on this phone, and that phone, and that other phone over there.”  In order to get you on that list of valid phones, we need two pieces of information from you: an email address at which you can be contacted and the UDID (Unique Device Identifier) of your phone.

To obtain the UDID, first plug in your phone.  If this does not automatically start iTunes, then go ahead and start it manually.  Select the phone in the left-hand navigation bar.  You should then see the phone’s details in the right-hand content area.

The serial number is displayed in the content area, but we’re not interested in that. Click on the serial number line of text and you will see it switch to “Identifier (UDID).” This is the number that we are interested in.

The UDID is a long block of text consisting of letters and numbers. Technically, you could transcribe it, but there is a high chance of mistyping something. Fortunately, iTunes lets you copy it pretty easily. In fact, even though you can’t see it, iTunes has invisibly highlighted the UDID, making it ready to copy.

At this point, you can go to the pulldown menu and select copy. Alternatively, you could right-click (or control-click on a Mac with a one-button mouse) on the UDID number and select copy.

You can then paste this UDID into an email.


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